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The NASA Biocapsule

Developed at NASA Ames, the NASA Biocapsule has great potential to help Astronauts on long duration missions, during spacewalks, and even help people back here on the Blue Marble.

Gizmodo has the full story and interview with the inventer, Dr. David Loftus:

“One of the primary threats in space is exposure to high levels of radiation. [The NASA Biocapsule] could be filled with cells that sense the increased levels of radiation and automatically disperse medicine to help the body compensate. We already use a hormone called G-CSF (Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor) to treat cancer patients who are receiving radiation treatment. So it was a very small jump to put these cells in a capsule.

“Different capsules will be created to combat different threats. Heat, exhaustion, and sleep-deprivation are serious risks on an EVA (a “spacewalk”), and astronauts are usually on a very tight schedule. Different capsules can be created that contain unique triggers and treatments for different stress-factors.”

This is just one of many examples how NASA technology is making strides in long duration spaceflight, extravehicular activity (spacewalks), and spinoffs helping people on Earth.